BmedSc (Hons) project wins big!

Dr Raymond Lim who completed his MBBS in November 2016 and BMedSc in June 2017, outshined his peers at the recent Johor Trauma Conference by winning the first prize in the Moderated Poster category. The project titled ‘A single-centre retrospective study on intussusception in Malaysian paediatric population: factors associated with the outcome of ultrasound-guided hydrostatic reduction’ won the main research prize at the conference, beating 40 other research projects from all over the nation.

“The study investigates a surgical condition called intussusception, most common among children. This condition is characterised by the telescoping of the intestine into itself which could cause obstruction, ischemia and fatality if not treated. Ultrasound-Guided Hydrostatic Reduction is relatively a new treatment practised in Malaysia. It involves the usage of water pressure to restore the basic anatomy and relieve the obstruction under the guidance of an ultrasound. To date, there has not been any studies conducted on its effectiveness or the factors that affect the treatment. We seek to investigate and fill in the literature gap, investigating the effectiveness of this treatment and the various factors affecting the success rate of this treatment,” said Dr Lim.

Dr Lim, who only had two months to prepare for the competition, shared that constructive criticism and support from the BMedSc assessors, mainly from his supervisor, Associate Professor Dr Ngim Chin Fang, helped him immensely when preparing for the conference. Working on the project for one and half years also enabled him to understand its clinical importance, strength, and limitations.

“Being the youngest contestant was undeniably daunting! All the other participants were practicing doctors and some were Master’s students in various hospitals and departments. It did not help that the judges were internationally recognised trauma surgeons or emergency physicians (including one from Canada, and another from Thailand),” shared Dr Lim.

The Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences was exceptionally proud of Dr Lim’s achievements - it served as a testament to the quality of JCSMHS graduates and of the programs offered by the school.

Our heartiest congratulations to Dr Raymond Lim and Associate Professor Ngim Chin Fang!

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