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Bioimaging is a tool to create structural or functional images of living objects or systems at the levels of tissues, cellular, subcellular and molecular structures. Bioimaging is an essential technology in a variety of research field including structural biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, agricultural sciences, biomedical science and neuroscience (neuroimaging).

Neuroimaging allow the non-invasive analysis of brain anatomy as well as function in living animals, thus opening up unprecedented ways of exploring brain function. Neuroimaging is one of the most critical and essential technology in Brain Science as well as in Psychological Disease Research.


Upright Bright Field Microscope

Upright Fluorescence Microscope

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Live cell imaging system

Laser confocal microscope

Digital slide scanner

Laser capture microdissection microscope

Multiphoton microscope




Stereoscopic microscope

Micropipette Puller

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  • UPM
  • IMCB (Singapore)               
  • Cancer Research Malaysia               
  • Sun Yet-Sen Univeristy (China)               
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)               
  • Niigata Univeristy (Japan)               
  • Monash University (Clayton/Parkville)               
  • Chinese Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)   


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